# Meta theme-color

"Starting in version 39 of Chrome for Android on Lollipop, you'll now be able to use the theme-color meta tag to set the toolbar color." -- Support for theme-color in Chrome 39 for Android, opens in a new window

With that in mind, when the user changes the theme, the @vue-a11y/dark-mode checks whether you have <meta name="theme-color" content="..."> and modifies it using the colors defined by the metaThemeColor prop, so when the color mode is changed, the toolbar color of Chrome for Android will also be changed.

Prop Type
metaThemeColor Object


Since system assumes light or dark, then you do not need to define theme-color for this mode.

    light: '#f2f2f2 ',
    dark: '#232b32',
    sepia: '#d8c7a2'
  <template v-slot="{ mode }">
    Color mode: {{ mode }}